Other interpreting services


Interpreting for hearings and legal processes

Legal interpreting requires considerable professional skill. To practise, interpreters must be professionally qualified or spend years in the field. The interpreter is in a position of great responsibility. They must ensure their knowledge complies with professional standards and ethical codes.

Our interpreters assist lawyers or judicial and administrative bodies in courtrooms and judicial settings in hearings, interrogations, and telephone interceptions.

They can also help in other settings. Our interpreters have assisted in meetings between the defence team and the defendant, detention centres, police stations, and law firms or notaries offices where documents are being drafted or signed.


Telephone or videoconference interpreting

Videoconferences on Skype or other platforms are an ideal way to conduct international meetings. They save you money and travelling time.

If two or more of the participants don’t speak the same language, then let our interpreters translate for you. They’ll orally translate your words accurately, allowing you to communicate effectively with the other party. Interpreting services are also available for webinars.

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