Sworn translations

In Italy, sworn translation is a legal requirement for translated official documents. This is also known as certified translation.

The translator makes an official declaration about the translated document’s accuracy. They attach an oath statement to the original document and the translated document at the Registry of the Court.

Interbrian works with translators on the Court Register of Technical Consultants and the Chamber of Commerce Roll of Consultants and Experts. This means they are qualified to carry out sworn translations.

Sworn translation means the document is legally valid. In Italy, it is a requirement for translations of:

  • Certificates (marriage, birth, death, residence, civil status, citizenship, etc.)
  • School report cards, degree certificates, exam transcripts
  • Written declarations
  • Criminal records
  • Legal documents
  • Notarial documents
  • Medical certificates
  • Company registrations and certificates, and explanatory notes
  • Driving licences and vehicle registration certificates

You’ll need to attach a €16.00 duty stamp (marca da bollo) for every 100 lines (including the oath statement), starting from the first page of the translation.

In some situations, a duty stamp is exempt, for example for adoption and divorce papers. In this case, the oath statement will need to explain why the duty stamp is legally exempt.

IMPORTANT: for sworn translations where the documents are not in the Italian language, the original document will need to be translated into Italian first. For example, a Russian document to be translated into English will first need a sworn translation from Russian to Italian, then a sworn translation from Italian to English.

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