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About Interbrian

Interbrian was founded in 1982 in Lissone, in Italy’s Lombardy region. Since then, it has grown from a two-person business to what it is today: a reliable, well-organised, and highly specialised language services partner.

We believe every business has the potential to succeed on the global stage. Smaller businesses rarely have the resources and tools needed to succeed internationally. But even large established businesses can struggle to find the necessary specialist linguistic support. Interbrian’s goal is to make language services available to all businesses, whatever their size, so they can compete on a level international playing field.

So if your business is going global, there’s no need to go to the time and expense of hiring a new department. With Interbrian’s wide range of translation and interpreting services and tailored approach, you’ll enjoy access to clear, accurate, and on-point communication. In whichever language you need.

When you choose to work with Interbrian, you’re choosing to work with a partner who knows exactly what they’re doing. We have the experience, skill and professionalism to make your project a success because we have delivered high quality consistently for 35 years. You’ll benefit from our constant efforts to innovate, and the importance we place on listening to your needs. Whatever your project or industry, you can count on us.

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Why Interbrian?

Since 1982, we’ve seen the great potential and value that precise, on-point communication brings to businesses like yours. As a client, you get the full advantage of our experience. Your ideas will be communicated accurately, effectively and professionally, in whichever language you need and to whoever you need to communicate them to. This will increase your presence abroad, and make you more competitive.

We’ll tailor our service to your specific needs, ensuring we keep on top of market dynamics so that the end product is fit for purpose. This means we have the flexibility to provide highly professional multilingual services and support to businesses of all sizes.

We’ve optimised our workflows, implemented the latest technology, and adopted a certified quality management system. So, you can consistently expect exceptional quality, but with added time and cost savings.

One partner, a wide range of services—with that extra human touch.

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Our direct, personalised approach helps us get to know your business better, so we can tailor each project to your needs